Method for Enhancing the Shelf Life of Blood and Donor Blood by Laser Biostimulation

Zuhaier, Al-Khalid Isam . 2015
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براءة اختراع
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US 9011766 B2
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A method for increasing the shelf life of donor blood contemplates the following steps. In the first step blood is transferred to a sterile container and mixed with an anticoagulant as indicated in step 20. The anticoagulant and donor blood are centrifuged in step 22 at about 4,000 rpm for about 15 minutes. After centrifuging the red blood cells are separated and placed in a sterile tube. In the next step the red blood cells are irradiated by a laser that emanates a wavelength of about 633 nm for a time period of about 24 hours. During rotation the RBCs are rotated to provide uniform exposure. Such laser biostimulation produces an enhancement of shelf life of donor blood by 66%.