IT 444 الذكاء الشبكي Web Intelligence

This course provides a critical and applied understanding of the technologies and standards enabling reasoning over and intelligent access to information on the World Wide Web, and a critical and applied understanding of the structure and properties of the web as a complex system, and how this impacts the growth and use of the web.
The course explores the fundamental roles as well as practical impacts of artificial intelligence and advanced information technology for the next generation of Web-empowered systems, services, and environments. Web Intelligence is regarded as the key research field for the development of the Wisdom Web (including the Semantic Web). It presents both the current state of research and development as well as application aspects. Topics covered include Web Agents, Web Mining and Farming, Web Information Retrieval, Web Knowledge Management, Infrastructure for Web Intelligence Systems, Social Networks Intelligence. 
Topics covered in this course include:


Web Information Retrieval
Data Mining: Classification and Association rule mining
Data Mining: Clustering
The Semantic Web
Web Content Mining
Web Usage Mining
Web Structure Mining
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