Depression literacy in women attending university hospital clinics in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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Hassounah, Marwah . 2017
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published article
depression, literacy, women,, article
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International Journal of Social Psychiatry
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Depression literacy in general population constitutes an ability to understand depression, with knowledge of disease, its risk factors and symptoms. High levels of depression literacy promote early intervention, potentially reducing related disability.


This study investigated the depression literacy in women visitors to clinics of a tertiary care hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Women of 18 and more years were surveyed during their visit to primary and other healthcare clinics of a public hospital in Riyadh. Knowledge on depression symptoms, causes and management approaches identified depression literate women scoring more than 30 points on a 42-item tool.


Of the 409 participants, 65.5% were depression literate, 50% educated as college and above, 64.3% married, 50.7% housewives, 62.4% reported use of multiple information sources (range, 0–8) and had a mean age of 34.9 (standard deviation (SD), 12.4) years. In a logistic regression model, participants scoring less than 30 for depression literacy were significantly associated with women having less than college-level education, divorced marital status and use of decreasing number of learning resources.


Women with low education divorced; using fewer information sources need specific considerations by healthcare providers for assessment of depressive disorders in this setting.

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