Interfacial (Fiber-Matrix) Properties of High-Strength Mortar (150 MPa) From Fiber Pullout

Journal Article
J.,, Shannag, M. . 1996
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Research, ACI Materials Journal
Publication Abstract: 

The steel fiber-matrix properties of high-strength mortar (150 MPa), such as DSP (densified small particles), are obtained and compared to an ordinary mortar (40 MPa) using a specially designed fiber pullout apparatus. A new method for estimating the debonding energy of the interfacial zone from the experimental pullout curve is presented. The method is used to separate the areas under the pullout curve corresponding to debonding and friction. The predictions are compared to other methods in the literature. The proposed method seems to provide less variations in the results. The high-strength DSP mortar has significantly improved interfacial properties compared to ordinary strength mortar. These results are important in the understanding of the role of steel fibers in improving the tensile properties of high-strength, brittle, cement-matrix composites.