Modeling the Cyclic Response of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Joints

Journal Article
J., Shannag, M. . 2007
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Research, Engineering Structures
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A nonlinear static (pushover) procedure (NSP) was used to model the behavior of interior beam-column (B-C) joints under lateral cyclic loading. The results of the analytical and numerical solutions were compared with the results obtained from experimental tests. Ten 1/3-scale interior beam-column joints, part of a prototype building designed according to the existing practice in Jordan, were tested under cyclic reverse loading. Most of these joints lacked transverse reinforcement, column lap-splices and continuous bottom beam reinforcement. They were strengthened using high performance steel fiber reinforced concrete (HPFRC) in place of ordinary concrete in two types of joint region, extending 200 and 300 mm from the face of the column. The experimental results were found to be in good agreement with the results of the applied modeling technique and assumptions made. The static pushover analysis appears to be a viable tool for predicting the load-deflection and moment curvature responses of beam-column joints.