Tensile Properties of Fibre-Reinforced Very High Strength DSP Mortar

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J., Shannag, M. . 2000
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Research, Magazine of Concrete Research
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This paper reports on the tensile behaviour of fibre-reinforced densified small particles (Fr-DSP) cement containing high volume fractions of steel fibres (more than 2%) and main reinforcement (1-3%) in direct tension. Approximately 30 tensile plate specimens were made. Parameters investigated include a very high strength cement-based matrix with a compressive strength of more than 150 MPa, fibre volume fraction within the matrix, and main reinforcement ratio. It is shown that incorporating large volume fractions of steel fibres (more than 2% by volume) in DSP composites results in a dramatic increase in matrix tensile strength (up to 100%). Adding a minimum of 1% main reinforcement (by volume) near the specimens’ edges retards the initiation of cracks induced by edge effects and thus results in further increase in ductility and tensile strength. It is shown that DSP composites can exhibit tensile strengths up to 25 MPa at peak strains ranging from 0.2% to 0.4%.