Properties of Metakaolin High-Strength Cementitious Grouts

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J., Shannag, M. . 2005
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Research, Journal of ASTM International
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Cement based grouts containing 0, 5, 10, and 15% replacement with metakaolin and with a water/cementitious materials ratio of 0.38 have been investigated. The rheological and mechanical properties of the proposed grouts are interesting since, from a practical point of view, they exhibit no bleeding or segregation and reach high compressive strength and flowability. Metakaolin additions enhanced the strength, somewhat prolonged the setting times, reduced the flowability, improved sulfate resistance, and caused some increase in drying shrinkage. The results showed that Metakaolin could be added upto 15% by weight of cement without reducing the 28 day strength. At 15% admixing level, strength of the grout at the age of 28 days was increased by about 10%. Based on the test results the use of Metakaolin for producing high-strength cementitious grouts is recommended.