Flexural Response of Ferrocement with Fibrous Cementitious Matrices

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J., Shannag, M. . 2007
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Research, Construction and Building Materials
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Bending tests were conducted on ferrocement specimens with steel meshes and fibers. The main objective of the study was to investigate the effects of combining reinforcing steel meshes with discontinuous fibers as reinforcement in thin mortar specimens. The following variables were investigated a) number of mesh layers, 2 and 4 b) transverse wire spacing, small, medium and large c) the type of fiber, steel and glass. Everything else being equal, the addition of brass coated steel fibers to the matrix of ferrocement can effectively increase its flexural strength, energy absorption to failure, and significantly reduce the average crack spacing and width, and prevent spalling of the mortar cover at ultimate load. On the other hand, the addition of glass fibers to smaller spacing meshes provided a marginal improvement in flexural strength and considerable energy absorption to failure compared to control specimens. Reinforcing ferrocement matrices with brass coated steel fibers is strongly recommended for providing technical and economical advantages.