Sulfate Resistance Of High-Performance Concrete

Journal Article
J., Shannag, M. . 2003
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Research, Cement & Concrete Composites
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High-performance concrete mixes containing various proportions of natural pozzolan and silica fume (up to 15% by weight of cement) were prepared and stored in sodium and magnesium sulfate solutions, in Dead Sea and Red Sea waters. The progressive deterioration and the relative sulfate resistance of these mixes were evaluated through visual observations, ultrasonic pulse velocity measurements, and relative strength determinations. The investigation indicated that the concrete mix containing 15% natural pozzolan, and 15% silica fume showed the best protection in sulfates solutions and sea waters. The superior resistance of that mix against sulfate attack is attributed to the pore refinement process and further densification of the transition zone occurring due to the conversion of lime forming from the hydration of cement into additional binding material through lime-pozzolan reaction. This investigation recommends the use of silica fume in combination with natural pozzolan for better performance in severe sulfate environment.