English 219 Translation I

Course Title  Translation I  
Course Number  219
Course description This course aims at developing the student's skills for translation both from English into Arabic and vice versa. This will strengthen the student’s ability to handle passages that require a certain level of proficiency in dealing with different sentence patterns.
Course Objectives (i.e. Learning Outcomes as specified in the Course Specifications)
1- Familiarising students with the concept of translation and its different theories.
2- Familiarising students with dictionary skills.
3- Familiarising students with the different types of translation and the essential requirements of a professional translator.
4- Explaining the structural differences between Arabic and English texts.
5- Equipping students with the skill of translation from Arabic into English and vice versa with emphasis on clarity and faithfulness.
6- Exposing students to different texts; general, scientific, editorial and literary ones.
Course Materials