Electrotherapy (RHS325)

Course Description
This course will provide the students with the basic principles related to physiological and therapeutic effects and
hazards and safety of electrical stimulation modalities, and evidence base practice and clinical uses electrotherapy modalities
Course Objectives
Upon the completion of this course, students should have the ability of the followings:
·    Determine  the  basic  principles  of  different  types  of  electrical  currents,  and  related  parameters  such  as waveform, frequency, pulse duration, amplitude, pulse and phase charge
·    Recognize  indications  &  contraindications  and  physiological  effects  of  different  electrical  stimulation modalities.
·    Differentiate between electrical stimulation modalities(direct current and iontophoresis, interrupted direct current-long and short duration- evenly alternating current)
·    Choose the appropriate electrical stimulation intervention according to patient's diagnosis
·    Communicate with patients, colleagues, and clinical staff probably

Course Materials