Prof. Mohamed S. Al Yousif

Head of program of Master degree in Biological diversity

Dr. Mohamed S. Al Yousif
Teaching subjects:

  • Invertebrates zoology.
  • Parasitology.

Publications and Authoresses:

  1. Lab manual for Invertebrates zoology.
  2. Practical manual for General zoology.
  3. Modern methods in teaching life sciences and their curriculums.
  4. Supplementary courses in Biology for junior colleges.

Personal identification:

  1. Head department of Biology, College of education, KSU.
  2. Vice dean,   College of education, KSU.
  3. Head of department of curricula and methods of teaching, College of education, KSU.
  4. Head department of zoology, college of sciences, KSU.
  5. Head of program of master degree in biological diversity,   college of sciences, KSU.


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