CE 601 (Advanced Engineering Probability and Statistics)


CE 601
Advanced Engineering Probability and Statistics
الاحتمالات والاحصاء الهندسي المتقدم
Department of Civil Engineering
King Saud University
Course Description:
CE 601: Probability and Statistics for Civil Engineers 3(3,0)
Application of probability and statistical analysis to Civil Engineering; Model Construction from probability theory; Descriptive statistics; Estimation with small samples; Recognition of variation; Analysis of Statistical variability; Decision making under incomplete information.
Class/ Tutorial Schedule Class is held three times per week in 50-minute lecture sessions.
Computer Applications MATLAB, Minitab and MS Excel are greatly encouraged to be used during the course.
  Paper Presentation Every student will require giving a 20 minutes presentation on power point from a selected topic belonging to Probabilistic analysis.
Contribution of Course to Meeting the Professional Component Students completing this course will gain sufficient knowledge of probability and statistics to analyze engineering data for acquiring meaningful information.
Textbook(s) B.M. Ayyub and R.H. McCuen (2011). Probability, Statistics, and Reliability for Engineers and Scientists. Third Edition, CRC Press, Chapman & Hall, USA.
Reference Books
  1. R.E. Walpole, R.H. Myers, S.L. Myers and K. Ye (2011). Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Eleventh Edition, Pearson, Singapore.
  2. A. Haldar and S. Mahadevan (1999). Probability, Reliability and Statistical Methods in Engineering Design, John Wiley and Sons, NY.
  3. S.M. Ross (2009). Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Fourth Edition, Academic Press, Canada.
Outcome Assessment Two Midterm Exams                                          40%
Quizzes and Homework                                     10%
Presentation                                                      10%
Final Exam.                                                      40%
Midterm Exams
  1. End of 7th week
  2. End of 12th Week
Instructor(s) Prof. Nadeem Ahsan Siddiqui (Office: 2A 89)
Tel (Office): 46-76962; Email: nadeem@ksu.edu.sa


Course Materials