CE 572 (Computer Applications in Civil Engineering)

CE 572
Computer Applications in Civil Engineering
استخدام الحاسب في الهندسة المدنية
Department of Civil Engineering
King Saud University
Course Description:
CE 572: Computer Applications in Civil Engineering 3(3,0)
Problem solving programs: Spreadsheet and MATLAB. Mathematical programs: numerical integration, solution of differential and nonlinear equations. Statistical programs: analysis, modelling and testing of data. Logical and optimization programs. Database, artificial intelligence and expert system programs. Applications to civil engineering disciplines. Project.
Class/ Tutorial Schedule Class is held three times per week in 50-minute lecture sessions.
Computer Applications MS Excel and MATLAB will be extensively used during the course.
  Paper Presentation Every student will require giving a 10 minutes presentation on his Mini Project.
Contribution of Course to Meeting the Professional Component Students completing this course will gain sufficient knowledge of mathematical, statistical and optimization programs and how to apply them for solving various real life civil engineering problems.
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Reference Books
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Outcome Assessment Midterm Exam(s)                                               25%
Mini Project(s)                                                   20%
Presentation of Mini Project(s)                           5%
Assignments and Homework                              10%
Final Exam                                                       40%
Instructor(s) Prof. Ibrahim A. Alhammad (Office: 2A 58); Tel: 46-76922; Email: alhammad@ksu.edu.sa
Prof. Nadeem A. Siddiqui (Office: 2A 89); Tel 46-76962; Email: nadeem@ksu.edu.sa
Course Materials