PHYS 490

PHYS 490 Research Skills 

Course description:

  • Using scientific recourses, e. g. databases and scientific journals
  • Citation method.
  • Training on some scientific programs and equipments which are available in College of Science.
  • Methods of writing scientific reports.
  • Training on presentation skills.

Course objectives:

  • To introduce the skills necessary to undertake a research project.
  • To provide skills required to select a research topic and the methodologies required for that topic.
  • To recognize common errors in experimental design.
  • To provide further opportunity to learn and improve upon communications skills.
  • To provide further opportunity to learn and improve group work skills.

Course plan:
The course is divided into three main parts:
1- Lecture part: process of research, writing proposal, reading and literature reviewing.
2-Computing part: useful tools for data analysis, scientific writing tool and Web skills.
3- Experimental part: research's lab, data fitting.

Attendance, homework, proposal, presentation.

ملف مرفق: 
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PDF icon candidate_resonant_tetraneutron_state_populated_by_the_4_he_8_he_2c_8_be_reaction.pdf350.16 كيلوبايت
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