PHYS 481

PHYS 481: Nuclear Physics I
Course description:

- Properties of the nucleus: Isotopes, nuclear binding energy, angular momentum, nuclear electromagnetic moments, nuclear forces.
- Radioactivity: Decay law (τ, t1/2), natural radioactivity, successive decay, artificial radioactivity
- α -decay, β -decay and γ -transitions.
- Nuclear reactions: Q-value, threshold energy (Eth), Internal Conversion, Decay Schemes.
- Interaction of radiation with matter: Interaction of heavy (α, p, d) and light (e-, e+), charged particles with matter, stopping power, interaction of gamma radiation with matter (photoelectric, compton and pair production).
- Binding energy and the liquid drop model.

Course objective
The course aims to give students the basis of nuclear reactions and its physical applications.


  • Introductory Nuclear Physics, Kenneth S. Krane, Johnwiley and Sons, 1988
  • An Introductory to the Physics of Nuclei and Particles, R. A. Dunlop, Thomson, 2004 



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