Biochemistry of proteins
Basic experements in Biochemistry that related to carbohydrates, lipids, and nuclic acid.
The goals of this course are to cover fundamental aspects of molecular biology with emphasis on human genome and to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in the molecular biology field.
  Study characterization of enzymes, different methods for determining enzyme activity and use these method in diagnosis of certain diseases , and the effect of inhibitor on enzyme activity. 
To learn the main components of blood and ad Blood formation and its disorders. Types of plasma proteins and their changes in different diseases. Structure and function of hemoglobin. Metabolism of erythrocytes and its abnormalities (e.g. jaundice...
To learn the common laboratory calculation skills, especially those used in the preparation of different concentrations of buffers and solutions.
The use of IT in biotechnology for data storage and analysis. It is a mean for analyzing, comparing, graphically displaying, modeling, storing, systemizing, searching, and ultimately distributing biological information, includes sequences,...
Study nutrition via biochemical concepts. Analysis of different food materials and understand the principles behind analytical technique.  
Analysis of  Biological Fluids like urine and serum. detect the normal and ubnormal constituents of different biofluids and use these informations to examine different biological fluid specimens and find out  diseases and causes related to these...
التعرف على التجارب الاساسيه في الكيمياء الحيوية والتي لها علاقه بالبروتين والكربوهيدرات والدهون  لغرض التعرف على طبيعة تلك الجزيئات الحيوية
Basic experiments in biochemistry that related to  amino acids, proteins, carbohydrate, lipids and nuclic acids.