The Design and Development of a Web-Based Virtual Closet: The Smart Closet Project

Conference Paper
Al-Omar, Noura . 2013
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2013 International Conference on Innovation and Information Management (ICIIM 2013)
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Conference Date: 
Saturday, January 19, 2013
Publication Abstract: 

Smart Closet is a web-based recommendation
system where users can register and create their own virtual
closet .In the Smart Closet system; users can add items,
search, and find matches for items from the personal
collection of clothing within the internal database. Moreover,
users can search for matches of their clothing items from
virtual vendors collections that exist in the database .The
system can also make recommendations based on the user's
pre-specified preferences, sex, item type, seasonal fabrics
and colors. Thus, the aim of the system is to introduce a
centered virtual location that can put the user, his clothes
and the vendors in one place of interaction through the
invention of a smart recommendation algorithm that can
lead to the simplification of the processes involved in
choosing, buying and searching for a clothe. Furthermore,
future improvements can be applied to put this system in the
real closets and allow the users to share their outfits and to
make it a social networking environment. This paper
describes the design and development of this virtual closet
system; design implications are also discussed. 

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