An Exploratory Study of Arabic Language Support in Software Project Management Tools

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Al-Amoudi, Arwa . 2013
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2013 IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues
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Due to the increasing demand for software in managing software
development projects, the need of Arabic project management
tools to be used by Arabic native speakers is emerging. Moreover,
since there is hundreds of effective English project management
tools, some of these tools were Arabized to fulfill the needs of
Arabic users. However, they lack applying some basic rules in
Arabic language. This study addresses the most important
consideration elements that must be followed when Arabizing
software. Also, a systematic review on three project management
tools, which are TeamworkPM, ProjectLibre and Microsoft Project,
is conducted based on the proposed guidelines. This study
concludes with some recommendations and suggestions, which can
be used to improve the software project management tools in
particular, and the wide range of software applications that provide
Arabic language interfaces in general.

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