Usability Engineering of Games: A Comparative Analysis of Measuring Excitement Using Sensors, Direct Observations and Self-Reported Data

Journal Article
Alamoudi, Arwa . 2014
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Research project
Wearable technology, Usability testing , Affective computing , Q Sensor , Xbox Kinect
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International Journal of UbiComp (IJU)
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Usability engineering and usability testing are concepts that continue to evolve. Interesting research studies

and new ideas come up every now and then. This paper tests the hypothesis of using an EDA-based physiological measurements as a usability testing tool by considering three measures; which are observers‟ opinions, self-reported data and EDA-based physiological sensor data. These data were analyzedcomparatively and statistically. It concludes by discussing the findings that has been obtained from those subjective and objective measures, which partially supports the hypothesis.

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