Morphology and sediment characteristics of the sand dunes in NW Sinai, Egypt

Conference Paper
M.Y, Daraz, . 2005
Publication Work Type: 
Research Paper
Conference Name: 
7th Conf. Geology of Sinai for Development Ismailia
Conference Location: 
Faculty of Science, Geology Department, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, , Egypt
Conference Date: 
Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Sponsoring Organization: 
Suez Canal University
Publication Abstract: 
The main constraints for sustainable agricultural development in Sinai are essentially the migration of sand dunes that occupy about 5000 Km2 of the coastal zone. This adversely affects the cultivated lands and the newly reclaimed areas. The study area is located at the NW corner of Sinai Peninsula and it .is subjected to sand dune encroachment. Movement of sand dunes causes severe damage to the human settlements, roads, irrigation and drainage constructions. Migration of aeolian sands results in the migration of longitudinal dunes at a rate of 2.25 m/y for those south of Bir El Abd and 13 m/y at Wadi El Gady. The rate of barchan dunes movement at Wadi El Massaged is 3.5 m/y. Also, a lateral movement of the segments of longitudinal dunes is recorded south of Bir El Abd and at Wadi El Gady. The morphodynamic model of the longitudinal dunes shows that deposition (percent) on the longitudinal dunes south of Bir El Abd is low relative to erosion. However, deposition on the longitudinal dunes at Wadi El Gady is relatively high comparing to erosion. The movement of sand is towards the SE and E as indicated from the annual sand roses, due to stronger winds from the NW and W. The Resultant Drift Potential (RDP) is relatively high in the western part of the study area, while the lowest RDP is at Bir El Abd. The wind variability, as deduced from the ratio RDP/DP is relatively high at Ras Sudr, and intermediate at the other localities of the study area. Moreover, the physical characteristics of the aeolian deposits, topographic, climatologic and environmental conditions enhance the sand dune movement in the different locations in study area which necessitate their control. The suitable method to control sand encroachment need more studied.