Ionizing radiation-induced DNA damage response identified in marine mussels, Mytilus sp

Journal Article
O, AlAmri, . 2012
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september 2012
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There is growing concern over the potential detrimental impact of ionizing radiation on natural biota. The mechanistic cause-and-effect impact of ionizing radiation has yet to be characterized in any aquatic species. Adopting an integrated approach, including radiochemical analysis of environmental samples, we evaluate molecular responses to ionizing radiation in the marine mussel, Mytilus edulis. These responses included analyses of RAD51 mRNA expression, a gene involved in the repair of DNA double strand breaks, and induction of DNA strand breaks using the comet assay, in samples collected from a site impacted by low level ionizing radiation discharges. Based on activities of the radionuclides measured in sediment and mussel tissue at the discharge site, external and internal dose rates were low, at ca. 0.61 mGyh1 and significantly lower than the generic (all species) “no effect” dose rate of 10 uGyh1 , yet DNA strand breakage and RAD51 mRNA expression were both altered.

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