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MFS 411




A. Course Description


This is mainly a clinical course in advanced oral surgery which is designed to get the dental student to carry out more complicated minor oral surgical procedures under local anaesthesia. Cases such as retained roots, impacted teeth, alveoloplasty, and management of orofacial infections are given to the student to treat under faculty supervision.


Students are also introduced to hospital rules and protocol, which include medical records, doctor’s orders, progress notes, laboratory and radiographical results, temperature/pressure/respiration graphics, operation notes and discharge summary.


The second semester includes a series of formal lectures that covers topics in major oral and maxillofacial surgery which were not adequately covered during previous oral surgery courses.


B. Course objectives


1. The student should by the end of the course be able to carry out routine minor oral surgical procedures which include flap designs, cutting of alveolar bone by the use of surgical burs and bone files. He should also be familiar with suturing techniques, suture materials and needles.


2. The student will have a clear idea about in patient oral and maxillofacial surgery patient, through weekly visits to an oral and maxillofacial surgery unit. Special emphasis is put on facial trauma, orthognathic surgery cases and management of benign and malignant tumours.


3. The students will assist in the surgical part of dental implants clinically during the course.


C. Course outline: 


i. Lectures topics


1-2: Surgical Implant


3-4. Advance Surgical Implant


5: Oral Surgery in Hospital


6: Surgical Management of Bone Pathology


7: Medical Emergencies in the Dental clinics & Medications and Prescription


8: Sedation


9: Update on Management of Trauma


10-11 Orthognathic Surgery


12. TMJ Surgery


13. Surgical Management of Cleft Lip and Palate


14. Salivary Gland Surgery


G. Reference textbooks:


1. Textbook of General and Oral Surgery


By Wray, Lee, Clark and Stenhouse


Churchill Livingstone [2003]


ISBN-10: 0443070830


ISBN-13: 978-0443070839


2. Implant Therapy: Clinical Approaches and Evidences of Success


By: Myron nevins, James T. Mellonig and Joseph P. Fiorellini.


1998 by Quintessence


ISBN-13: 9780867153415


3. Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


By Peterson, Ellis, Hupp, Tucker:


Mosby; 4th Edition [2003]


ISBN-10: 0323018874


ISBN-13: 978-0323018876

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