IE 496: Project Students

Group 6 (1st Supervisor, Dr. Tamer as 2nd): Title: Developing a Production Plan at  Bouvardia Resort in Abha. 
1. Ahmed Fahad Almutarin (phone: 0500857251)
2. Saud Abdelllah Almahfud (phone: 0540050570)
3. Mohammed Yousef Aluughazmish (phone: 0598697594)

Second Supervisor with Dr. Tamer as 1st. Title: Reverse Engineering (develping a prosthetic hand for medical use)
1. Saud Al-Zuhain (phone 504114688)
2. Abdulmohsen Alfadly
3. Abdulmalik Kareem
4. Abdullah Al-Towaim

Second supervisor  with Dr. Saad Abdulkarim (Gr-5), Title: Yet to be selected (meet the students) 
1. Mohammed Khalid Alghofaily (phone 0590308060), Email:
2. Yousef Waid Al-Rashid (phone 0553433957), Email:
3. Othman Aldibas (0567967017), Email:
4. Othman Alsenani (0550707040), Email: 

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