2003—2005: Postdoc [ Economy Class Syndrome ], École Polytechnique, Montréal, Canada.

1998—2002: PhD [ Human Factors & Industrial Ergonomics ], University of Oulu, Finland.

1992—1994: Licentiate [ Workplace Health & Safety ], University of Oulu, Finland.

1988—1989: Postgraduation [ Energy Tech ], AIT (Thailand) — BUET (B'desh) Joint Educational Program.

1982—1986: BSc [ Mechanical Engineering ], Rajshahi University, Bangladesh.


2019-continue: Professor [ Industrial Engineering, King Saud University ].

2012—2018: Associate Professor  [ UNIMAS & UniSZA, Malaysia ].  

2009—2012: Director of Programs [ College of Immigrants, Winnipeg, Canada]

2006—2009: Consultant [ EnergyPac Engineering Ltd ], 6-share core cutting, machine safety, audits.

2002—2005: PT Faculty [ Concordia University ] & Research Scientist [ École Polytechnique de Montréal ].

1992—2002: Research Scientist [ University of Oulu, Finland ]


Honourary Professor [ Bangladesh University of Health Sciences ] 

Docent  [ University of Oulu, Finland ]

Adjunct Professor  of American International University

Visiting Professor of  Monash & Lincoln University College


Research & Reviews: Journal of Engineering & Technology, 

Journal of Defense Studies and Resources Management,

Saudi Journal of Civil Engineering

International Journal of Emerging Engineering Research & Technology, 



International Journal of Safety and Industrial Ergonomics, 

Ergonomics International Journal, 

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International Journal of Mechanical Engineering & Applications,

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Editorial Board

International Journal of Productivity & Performance Management, 

International Journal of Industrial Management, 

Scholars Journal of Engineering & Technology, 

Journal of Science, Technology & Environment

International Journal of Management & Information Technology,

Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering, 

International Journal of Research Studies in Science, Engineering & Technology

International Journal of Modern Studies in Mechanical Engineering, 

International Research Journal of Materials Science & Engineering, 

American Research Journal of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, 

Open Journal of Safety Science & Technology.

EXTERNAL REVIEWER ( International Funding ) 

2017: Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada’s Applied Research & Development Grant Application. Title― Development of a non-motorized powered treadmill for rehabilitation, submitted by C. Morin, College Mérici, Montréal, Canada.

2000—2001: Regional Research Competitions and Experimental Support Centre Programs [, Arlington, Virginia, USA], Title—Centre of studying neuroendocrine of stress factors for Georgian Republic.

2001—2002: WSIB’s Research Grants Program []: Title 1— Work-related post-traumatic stress disorders, heat stress and strain measurement, Title 2— Whole-body-vibration and sitting posture operating large mobile equipment.

1998—1999: FINNIDA Research Grants & Competitions [Deveplan-Kehitus Oy, Finland]: Funding for Health Care Settings (Title— Setting up mini hospitals and clinics in the rural and remote areas).

1997—1998: BBSRC David Fellowship,]: Postdoctoral Research Funding Competition (Title— Noise and vibration effects on the neighboring forests and adjacent environment around airports in England).


 [70,000 RM, co-investigator]: Empowering Peddling Doctors Towards Remote Diagnostics & Consultation in rural Cambodia. CLMV International Funds (USM/IPPTN/KAJ/71(F4), UniSZA.C/CRIM/628 Jld 10.

2015—2017 [20,000 RM, co-investigator]: Comparison of electromyographic activities in the quadriceps and hamstring muscles during common strengthening exercise. DPU Funds, UniSZA/2015/DPU/48-1, Malaysia.

2014—2017 [20,000 RM, co-investigator]: Dengue Threat in University Setting: a comprehensive approach to combat dengue threat in Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. Ref UniSZA/14/DPU/025.

2013—2016 [70,000 RM, ERGS/1/2013/SSI07/UNIMAS/01/01, co-investigator]: Design and Development of Inner-Bamboo Transit Bicycle. Institute of Design & Innovation, Universiti Sarawak Malaysia (

2010—2011 [$61,000 Principal Investigator), Project: Conservation Heritage Tax Credits for Remodeling of Sir Sam Steele School Building (College of Immigrants): City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

2007—2008 [$35,000, co-researcher]: Evaluation of Safe Play Areas, Canadian Agricultural Safety Association Research Funds (, applied with Dr Margaret Friesen [University of Manitoba, Canada].

2004—2005 [$60,400, co-researcher]: Evaluation of Prototypes of Hosting Tools for Manhole Cover Opening and Closing Tasks, IRSST Research Funds (, applied with Daniel Imbeau, L. Giraud, B. Farbos and K.E. Ahrache [Department of Industrial Engineering, École Polytechnique, Canada].

2003—2005 [$81,000, Principal Investigator]: Evaluation of Prolonged Seating Dynamics: an EMG based biomechanical study. IRSST Research Funds (, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2000—2002 [FIM 30,000, Principal Investigator]: Ergonomic Assessment of Strenuous Tasks in Hot and Humid Work Environment, Finnish Work Environment Fund (, Helsinki, Finland

1999—2000 [FIM 22 500, Principal Investigator]: Evaluation of Physical Stress and Designing of Night Shift Among Steel Mill Workers, Funded by Oulu University International Research Funds [ulkomaan tutkijastipendit,, Federation of Accident Insurance, Helsinki.

1998—1999 [FIM 33,000, Principal Investigator]: Evaluation of Strenuous Tasks —human factors and ergonomics application in small and medium sized industries], Funded by Tauno Tönningin (Säätiö) and Tuki Foundation of Finland, applied with Professor Dr. Seppo Vayrynen & Professor Dr. Hannu Virokannas [University of Oulu], Finland.

1998—1999 [FIM 30,000, Principal Investigator]: Evaluation of Manual Materials Handling Tasks and Quantification of Postural Stress, Research Funds from the Emil Aaltosen Foundation [Tampere/Finland] & Oulu Deaconess Institutes.

1997—1998 [FIM 22,000, Principal Investigator]: Measurement of Physical Stress Using Polar Heart Rate Monitor, Grants for Continuing Research and Studies [University of Oulu, Finland].

1996—1997 [FIM 144,000, Principal Investigator]: Evaluation of Heat Stress Among the Re-rolling Mill Workers, Workplace Health & Safety Issues in the Small/Medium Sized Industries], Research Grants, Academy of Finland.

1993—1994 [FIM 55,000, Principal Investigator]: Quantification of Postural Stress Using Computer Aided Software, Funded by the Academy of Finland, applied with Dr. Seppo Vayrynen [Work Science Laboratory, University of Oulu, Finland] and Dr. Hannu Tarvainen (Institute of Accident Insurance Oy, Helsinki), Finland.

1988—1989 [$5000, Principal Investigator]: Non-Technical Losses Among Domestic Consumers in Power Sector. AIT-BUET Joint Education & Training Project (UNDP Funded), applied with Dr. Taifur Rahman Chowdhury (BUET, Dhaka).


2012—present: Institute of Engineers—Malaysia (Incorporate Member-59157),

2012—present: Malaysian Society for Occupational Safety & Health (I-1720), Malaysia.

2012—present: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFEM-78), Malaysia.

2009—present: Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of the Province of Manitoba [EIT-32449].

2009—2009: United Food & Commercial Workers [Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada], Local member—832.

2007—2008: Canadian Agricultural Safety Association [].

2003—2004: Canadian Association of University Teachers [].

2003—2004: Concordia University of Part Time Faculty Association (member ID 20030451).

2002—2003: Association of Canadian Ergonomists [].

1999—present: Society for Human Performances in Extreme Environment [].

1998—2004: American Industrial Hygiene Association (member ID 158910).

1998—2003: Human Factors and Ergonomics Association [, member ID # 16520].

1997—1998: New York Academy of Sciences [], NY, USA.

1996—1998: Southeast Asian Ergonomics Association [SEAES, FI001AH].

1994—present: Finnish Ergonomics Society [].

1989—1991: Computer Society of Bangladesh [, member ID AM-347].

1989—2000: Institute of Engineers—Dhaka, Bangladesh [IEB member ID-8052].

Group 6 (1st Supervisor, Dr. Tamer as 2nd): Title: Developing a Production Plan at  Bouvardia Resort in Abha.  1. Ahmed Fahad Almutarin (phone: 0500857251) 2. Saud Abdelllah Almahfud (phone...
Students' will be assgned for conducting IE-497 in Spring 2020  
On a particular topic, final year students will be working for two semesters. The project should be feasible to carry out, and be approved by the First & Second supervisor. Supervisors...
Respect the dignity, professional status of, and professional relationships with their fellow students, teaching faculty, staff and other healthcare providers. Cultivate an environment...