Molecular identification of forensically important beetles in Saudi Arabia based on mitochondrial 16s rRNA gene

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Haddadi, Reem Alajmi, Rewaida Abdel-Gaber, Rania . 2020
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Entomological Research
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Forensic science uses scientific methods to help the scientists who study evidence to assist in the solving of crimes. Coleoptera is the most diverse and speciose group of insects that have an important role in many scientific fields especially forensic entomology. In addition, it is difficult to morphologically identify and discriminate between them. In the present study, the molecular analysis using mitochondrial DNA information was conducted to swiftly and accurately identify the recovered Coleoptera species. A molecular identification method involving a 221-bp segment of the 16 s ribosomal RNA (16 s rRNA) gene from three beetle species, collected from a rabbit carcass, was evaluated. The analysis with maximum likelihood method recovered a generally well supported phylogeny, with most currently accepted taxa and species groups as monophyletic. These results will be instrumental for the implementation of the Saudian database of forensically relevant beetles.