Effectiveness of Duolingo App in Developing Learner's Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation: A Case Study of a blended TESOL Classroom. International Journal on Emerging Technologies.

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The advancement in technology has yielded newer methods that students can incorporate to learn new languages. This study was formulated to investigate the effectiveness of using Duolingo application in learning English in a TESOL classroom in the Saudi Electronic University SEU, which teaches through a blended learning system. The data comprises eighty participants who participated actively in the study. Participants were divided into two groups; experimental and control group; the experimental group was subjected to the use of Duolingo plus online learning, and the other group was supposed to follow the traditional methods of teaching, which is online learning and face to face classes. Quantitative analysis of the study shows that students who used Duolingo, plus online learning, registered better in vocabulary development, simple grammar sentences, and fluency in English learned. They found Duolingo easy to use and operate, and they enjoyed learning by using it because of the utilization of mobile devices in hands, gamification, and a variety of activities. A different result was obtained in pronunciation, where students using the traditional methods registered better results in pronunciation. The study concluded that Duolingo is a vital tool in learning in a TESOL classroom. A recommendation was made for future studies to look at the problems that learners encounter in using the application in learning pronunciation.