.COVID 19 Pandemic and Online Education in Hong Kong: An Exploratory Study. International Journal on Emerging Technologies.

Journal Article
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The initially localized outbreak of Corona transformed into the COVID 19 pandemic, profoundly impacting not just the daily lives and work of people around the world but also the delivery of education to students across the globe due to mass campus closures and suspension of face-to-face teaching. The current study was aimed at identifying how COVID 19 impacted university education in Hong Kong. Data were collected through online structured questionnaires administered via google online forms to students at two prominent universities in Hong Kong. The study revealed that although COVID 19 had negative affected educational delivery, the transition to online modes of teaching by the teachers during the strict lockdown had created a positive image of technology. The study further revealed that having to provide online education had compelled universities with poor infrastructure to improve the means for delivering online learning. In addition to highlighting the damaging impact of COVID-19 on the educational sector, the findings also suggest the need for all educational institutions, educators and learners to adopt technology and to improve their digital skills in line with the emerging global trends and realities in education