Articulation Quiz

Articulation Quiz
RHS 373
15 April 2012
• Please record your answer in the scoring sheet.
1 a b c d
2 a b c d
3 a b c d
4 a b c d
5 a b c d
6 a b c d
7 a b c d
8 a b c d
9 a b c d
10 a b c d
11 a b c d
12 a b c d
13 a b c d
14 a b c d
15 a b c d
16 a b c d
17 a b c d
18 a b c d

1- A process that often accompanies Stopping:
a. Fronting
b. Stridency Deletion.
c. Gliding.
d. Vowelization.

2- Choose  [suz], it's an example of:
a. Deafrication.
b. Backing.
c. Africation.
d. Palatalization.

3- Palatal sound is replaced with a non-palatal sound:
a. Palatalization.
b. Fronting.
c. Gliding.
d. Depalatalization.

4- (Suit) which processe(s) are likely to occur:
a. Vowelization.
b. Gliding + Backing.
c. Backing + Labalization.
d. Vowelization + Backing.

5- /∫/ sound is:
a. Velar Affricate.
b. Lingua Alveolar Fricative.
c. Palatal Affricate.
d. Palatal Fricative.

6- Nasals + Liquids + Glides 
a. Sonorants.
b. Obstruents.
c. Approximants.
d. Stridents.

7- Voiced, Labio-Dental, Fricative:
a. /f/
b. /v/
c. //
d. /s/

8- Example of Partial Reduplication:
a. Water  [wawa]
b. Candy  [kiki]
c. Puppy  [papu]
d. Baby  [bebi]

9- A process of a vowel inserted between two consonant is:
a. Stridency deletion.
b. Epenthesis.
c. Vowelization.
d. None of the above.

10- Spoon  [pun]
a. Partial cluster deletion.
b. Cluster substitution.
c. Total cluster deletion.
d. Combination.

11- " The mother reported that the patient showed some improvement" in which section you place it in a report:
a. Subjective.
b. Objective.
c. Assessment.
d. Plan.

12- Road  [wod]
a. Labialization.
b. Vowelization.
c. Gloding.
d. All of the above.

13- What are the possibilities for the following word; Plate:
a. Initial Consonant Deletion only.
b. Final consonant Deletion and Cluster Deletion.
c. Initial Consonant Deletion and Final consonant Deletion.
d. Cluster Deletion only.

14- What are the possibilities for the following word; Park:
e. Initial Consonant Deletion only.
f. Final consonant Deletion and Cluster Deletion only.
g. Initial Consonant Deletion and Cluster Deletion only.
h. Cluster Deletion only.

15- Which of the following is phonological awareness:
a. Recognizing and manipulating phonemes
b. Detection and manipulation of sounds
c. A method for teaching reading and writing
d. Teaching the correspondence between sounds and spelling patterns

16- "Say mo (as in more). Now say mo backwards” represents:
a. Phoneme manipulation
b. Phoneme deletion
c. Phoneme reversal
d. Phoneme segmentation

17- Which of the following is a syllable-structure awareness task:
a. How many parts are in the word table?
b. Here is a picture of a watch. Finish the word for me: wa_____
c. Do these words rhyme: best, nest?
d. Which word begins with the same sound as cat: horn, bed, cup

18- “Tell me words that rhyme with bell? “ is a:
a. Spoken word recognition task
b. Onset-rime blending task
c. Spoken rhyme generation task
d. Rhyme oddity task

19- Which is not a prerequisite skill for phonological awareness:
a. localization
b. memory
c. sequencing
d. blending