447 chem(Lab)

Chem 447: Advanced Practical Organic Chemistry
Introduction, Safety, Lab. Equipments Preparation and study of some organic compound, spectroscopy, yield and its percentage.
Examples of such Preparations and Reactions:
-  Diels Alder Reaction
- Oxidation of side chain
- Reaction of SN1 K SN2 , E1 -Nitration of Organic compounds.
-  Reduction of Nitorcompounds
- Grignard Reaction
- Perkin condensation
- Friedel- Craffts alkylation
-Alder Condensation,
- Esterification
- Polymerization
- Polystyrene
- Baekalite.
Isolation and Identification of Natural Products, using TLC and CC in purification of organic compounds.

Course Materials