Mobile geolocation techniques for indoor environment monitoring

Journal Article
Alasaad, R. Ouni, M. Zaidi, M. Alsabaan, W. Abdul and A. . 2020
Publication Work Type: 
Reaserch work
Magazine \ Newspaper: 
KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems
Issue Number: 
No. 3
Volume Number: 
Vol. 14
pp. 1337-1362
Publication Abstract: 

Advances in localization-based technologies and the increase in ubiquitous computing have led to a growing interest in location-based applications and services. High accuracy of the position of a wireless device is still a crucial requirement to be satisfied. Firstly, the rapid development of wireless communication technologies has affected the location accuracy of radio monitoring systems employed locally and globally. Secondly, the location is determined using standard complex computing methods and needs a relatively long execution time. In this paper, two geolocalization techniques, based on trigonometric and CORDIC computing processes, are proposed and implemented for Bluetooth-based indoor monitoring applications. Theoretical analysis and simulation results are investigated in terms of accuracy, scalability, and responsiveness. They show that the proposed techniques can locate a target wireless device accurately and are well suited for timing estimation.

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