The Safe House Lab (CoEIA Female Chapter)

About the Female Chapter

In late 2016 and in collaboration with the Director of the Centre of Excellence in Information Assurance (CoEIA), Dr. Jalal Al-Muhtadi, a Female Chapter of this centre was established to be one of the first female-based centres of this kind in the region. Inline with the CoEIA’s goal and objectives, this branch sets the following goal: "To become one of the leading female-oriented centres in the region for training, advising, research, and knowledge transfer in the different areas of information security." In order for this female chapter to achieve the above goal, the following objectives are set.

  1. Female community: Build a community of highly educated female academics and individuals who have interest in the area of information security from the whole region to contribute the other objectives below.
  2. Consultation: Providing specialized consulting services in information security.
  3. Training courses: Design and deliver various information security training courses of different scales from a 2-hour up to a 5-day course, and to suit various audiences inside and outside KSU.
  4. Events and Competitions: Organise and host national and international information security competitions and events, mostly organised at the male side of CoEIA, to allow female students and staff to take part in such competitions as part of our community service agenda. 
  5. Research and projects: Develop research groups and conduct multi-disciplinary projects that contribute to the field of information security.

The Safe House Lab

The Female Chapter make The Safe House Lab its permenant location at the College of Computer and Information Sciences, KSU. 


Lab 26, 2nd floor, Building 6, KSU (6S26)

How to join us? 

If you have interest in joining CoEIA's female comunity, please register your membership by folloing the link:

For any questions, please email