mHealth Research Group

Title Watch my Health (2016-expected 2017)
Principle Investigator Shada Alsalamah
  • Dr. Thamer Nouh
  • Dr. Sakher Alqahtani
Research Team
  • Lamia Alashaikh,
  • Shaden Alsabti,
  • Ghada Aldayel,
  • Abeer Alfutaimany,
  • Maha Alqahtanni,
Funding source None.
Abstract Modern eHealth services are all about deploying IT into healthcare systems to facilitate information exchange and transmission for healthcare providers to easily and seamlessly access medical information. However, most solutions concentrate on the provision of the whole record to paint the full picture, but little attention is given to the provision of critical alerts that is patient-cantered and not doctor-centred in a readable and speedy manner. First, patient health records mostly contain a mixture of lengthy free text in both paper and electronic formats doctors used to record ac- cumulated medical history records over years, which is often not mobile and require a time-consuming reading task that the doctor cannot afford spending sometimes in order to save the patient’s life in emergency life-threatening situations when time is their worst enemy. Second, a lot of patient medical records deploy o↵-the-shelf general alert systems that are designed to meet traditional doctor-centred alert system that does not meet modern patient-centred care complex needs. This render such system ill-equipped with convenient alert systems to highlight critical medical information for the patient being treated in a visual and speedy manner.
”Watch” My Health aims specifically to use state-of-the-art technology to balance between the availability of critical information to care team members in a speedy and readable manner, while maintaining its confidentiality. This is to enable immediate access to the right information (i.e. critical alerts) to the right care team member at the right time of treatment in a highly complex and demanding domain like health- care. This project proposes a solution that can achieve this aims using a developed application on a smart wristwatch that utilizes wireless communication via embedded Bluetooth signals in a Beacon technology. This solution would come in handy to busy doctor’s to achieve this goal. This is mainly for the fact that alerts could be shown to doctors on the go on a wearable mobile device that is attached to them at all times for accessibility and easy to use while freeing doctors hands for treatment provision. This also maintains the privacy of patients information as each smart wristwatch is meant for doctors personal use and has a better chance of protecting the confidentiality of such sensitive information than having it displayed on a desktop with a 15-inch wide flat screen in a room full of other healthcare providers, supporting personnel, and even patients. Finally, Watch my Health would help provide the best treatment possible based on informed decisions at the right time to the patient while avoiding complications and life-threatening situations because of lack of information availability.


Title Dentify.Me App (2016-expected 2017)
Principle Investigator Shada Alsalamah
  • Dr. Sakher Alqahtani (registered Interpol DVI member and Assistant Professor, College of Dentistry, KSU)
  • Dr. Thamer Nouh
Research Team
  • Shahad Nabeel Almutawaa
  • Hend Alkabani‏
  • Mshael Alsmari
  • Nouf Hamad Alashgar‏
  • Abeer Salman Alrajeh
  • Yara Alsayat
  • Lujain Abuhaimed
  • Reem Aotaibi
Funding source American Society of Forensic Odontology (ASFO)
Abstract Every single day, humans around the globe are subject to too many calamitous incidents and disasters. In fact, horrifying mass fatality incidents and disasters have been witnessed in every nook and corner of the planet, and the world mourned at every generation that had ever lived for victims associated with natural disasters, war, and violent acts. In such incidents and disasters, all efforts should be put together to recue living victims, find the missing ones, and identify the found. Firstly, all injured victims need to be located or reported to be provided with first-aid paramedic services. Secondly, missing victims need to be identified and listed so all Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) efforts can be best exploited to find the missing victims when every split of a second could mean life or death. Finally, deceased victims need to be identified to bring them justice in case of a homicide or peace of mind to their beloved ones. However, rescue teams rely on victims or eyewitnesses to report incidents manually or on post-active systems for receiving emergency calls. Furthermore, the generation of missing persons’ list takes a long time and is mostly not accurate at first till it starts pouring reports from families and friends. Moreover, all pre- and post-disaster data (also known as Ante-Mortem (AM) and Post-Mortem (PM), respectively) is collected and matched manually by DVI teams for missing persons’ identification. Finally, there are no holistic pro-active systems today in the IT market to address all of the three issues at ones.
Dentify.Me App is a proactive application that proposes a victim-centred solution that automates the process of requesting S.O.S and locating victims, generating missing persons list, and collecting and delivering AM data. Using semi-structured interviews, we identified and gained a good understanding of AM and PM data needs, the teams involved, and information sharing and information security needs and challenges. Furthermore, social policing concepts, Dentify.Me App engages with eyewitnesses to automate incident detection and identification process. Finally, Dentify.Me App uses hard systems methodology to automatically identify and locate potentially affected victims, alert the rescue team to reach out for the living, generate a list of missing ones, and collect and deliver AM data to the DVI team. This proposed solution is in hope to have a great implication on mass fatality-victims by rescuing the living, finding the missing, and identifying the found to bring nothing but justice to the victims and peace of mind to their loved ones.


Title  Emergency Line (2017-expected 2018)
  • Dr. Ghada AlHudhud (Lead)
  • Shada Alsalamah (Second)
Research Team
  • Khulood AlGhamdi
  • ‏Mohammed AlAwad
  • Dr. Thamer Nouh
  • Dr. Sakher Alqahtani (registered Interpol DVI member and Assistant Professor, College of Dentistry, KSU)
Funding source None