Explaining the Complexities of Cross-Linguistic Features Using Comparable Arabic and English Corpora

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Almujaiwel, Sultan . 2018
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The experimental investigation launched to demonstrate the degree of accuracy was based on the case of the entries questionnaire and survey, and their Arabic equivalents: al-ᵓistiftāᵓ and al-ᵓistibyān. The comparable corpora have given evidence of clear-cut distinctions between them. The comparable English-Arabic corpora used in the case study is the Bank of English (WordbanksOnline) and the following three Arabic corpora: Arabic Internet Corpus, Arabic Wikipedia and arabiCorpus. The large-scale comparable English-Arabic corpora-based approach to the intended entries and equivalents has shown the importance of such a method. In spite of comparability between English and Arabic still being underdeveloped, the use of comparable corpora in this paper was identified by adopting the following criteria: sampling frame, genres, proportions and years of natural texts. Each entry with each equivalent were examined in their expanded concordance lines, with a span of about 10-n grams, in order to sketch their contextual senses. This has helped to criticise the contextually inappropriate equivalence of the intended entries. Such an analysis has implied that sketching contexts conveyed by large-scale source and target corpora can help enhance the reliability of equivalence divisions