Thermal and Statistical Physics (Phys 343)

Course level :  6
Credit hours : 4 ( 3+1)
I Thermal Physics
Basic definitions,  The zeroth law and treprature.
The ideal gas, and ideal gas law. First Law and applications. Entropy and the second law. More on the second law, thermodynamics potentials.  An overview of the third law.
II Statistical Physics
Mathmatical introduction, basic statistical notions. The statistical wieght and the Micocanocical ensemble.
Canonical and Grad canonical ensembles, for systems in contact with a heat bath and with variable number of particles.
Statistical distributions with particular interest in physics . Gaussian and Poisson distributions. MB, BE and FD distributions .
The blackbody Radiation and Plank distributon.

Refrences :
Statistical Physics, 2nd Edition by Franz Mandl 

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