Modern Physics Phys 352)

Course Level : 5th
Credit hours : 4 ( 3+1)

Part I - Relativity : Classical relativity (Newtonian relativity; Galilean transformation); Einstein’s postulates;; Time dilation & Length contraction; Space-time interval; Relativistic Momentum; Relativistic Energy;
Lorentz transformation for  Energy  and  Momentum.
Part II- Quantisation of energy , Black-body radiation, Plank Law . Photoelectric effect and Einstien law. Light quanta  Compton diffusion and X-Ray , Moseley law and atomic number.
Part III- Quantum Theory and quantisation of ` space' ;  Atomic spectra , Emission and Absorption spectra. Bohr atomic model and Rydberg formula for atomic transions.  Hydrogen atom spectrum.
Part IV - Matter Waves and Principles of Quantum Mechanics ; De-Broglie wavepackets , Heisenberguncertainty principle ( Heisenberg Microscope)  Measurment in quantum theory and Schroedinger equation . Born probabilstic
interptation of quantum mechanics
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2- Serway, Raymond A., Clement J. Moses, and Curt A. Moyer. Modern physics. Cengage Learning, 2004.
 3- Landau, Lev Davidovich, ed. The classical theory of fields. Vol. 2. Elsevier, 2013.
4- Gasiorowicz, Stephen. Quantum physics. John Wiley & Sons, 2007. 



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