Modern Physics Lab ( 396 Phys)

6th Level 
3 Credit hours 

Practical Course 
In this course, the student preformes a set of 10 experiments related to important and fundemental aspects of modern physics ( quantum physics)
The student will have to write a theoretical and practical report for each experiment preformed,
There are 2 practical exams and 1 final theoretical exam.
The practical work will be handeled by the direct lab instructor, and the theoretical reports/ exams will be handeled by the lab supervisour.
The experiments preformed in this course are:
1-  Blackbody radiation
2- Faraday and Kerr effects
3- Frank-Hertz experiments
4- Interferometry 
5- Expermentation with Microwaves
6- Photoelectric effect
7- The Hadrogen ( Blamer) spectrum 
8- Zeeman effect
9- X-Rays and atomic theory


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY  the lab safty instructions 

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