506 PHYS Statistical Physics

This is a MSc in Physics course obligatory for all tracks.
It has 3 lecture only C. H.
Course Plan;
 1) Introductory notions in statistical physics and mathmatical background.
2) The primon gas 
3) Ultra-relativistic boson gas, the Blackbody radiation and Debye's model of solids.
4) Ideal Bose gas and its classical limit
5) Bose Einstien Condensation 
6) Phase transition  and He-4 superfluid
7) Fermi gas and heat capacity of metals
8) White Dwarfs and the Chandrasekhar limit
9) Paramagnetisim Landua levels
------------------------------------- Additional material  (optional) ----------------------------
10) Ising model
11) Cosmology and statistical physics
12) Quark-Gluon plasma and nuclear matter equation of state
13) A brief intro to renormalisation and cluster decompositions

--------------------------------- Main References---------------------------------------
1) Landau and Leftshetz Statistical physics
2) David Tong ( Cambridge U) Lectures on Statistical physics 
3) Franz Mandl Statistical Mechanics

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