: The GUP and quantum Raychaudhuri equation

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Nuclear Physics B
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In this paper, we compare the quantum corrections to the Schwarzschild black hole temperature
due to quadratic and linear-quadratic generalized uncertainty principle, with the corrections from
the quantum Raychaudhuri equation. The reason for this comparison is to connect the deform-
ation parameters 0 and/or 0 with which is the parameter that characterizes the quantum
Raychaudhuri equation. The derived relation between the parameters appears to depend on the
relative scale of the system (black hole), which could be read as a renormalization equation for the
quadratic deformation parameter 0. In addition, the critical phenomena of the GUP-deformed
black hole are studied in the light of this relation by computing the critical exponent for . This
study shows a correspondence between the two phenomenological approaches and indicates that
quantum Raychaudhuri equation implies the existence of a crystal-like structure of spacetime.