Cross infection with gastro-intestinal tract parasites between domestic goat and endemic Farasan gazelle (Gazella gazella farasani) in Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia

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Host related variations in helminth egg and coccidian oocyst counts were compared
between a naturally infected endemic population of Farasan gazelle and domestic goats on the
Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia in April 2009. Both bovid species inhabit and browse in the same
area but no cross-infection could be detected. The prevalence and mean intensity quantified as
the number of eggs and oocysts per gram of faeces were taken as a measure of parasite burdens.
Host related differences in prevalence values of Eimeria spp. were significantly higher in domestic
goats than in wild gazelles. A similar trend was observed for nematode prevalence (strongyle-type
eggs), with no infection in gazelle and low infection in goats. There was also a significant difference
in mean intensity values between different Eimeria spp. found in domestic goats.

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