The Upcoming Oil- An introduction (2013)

Book Chapter
مستخلص المنشور: 

I have spent one third of my life associated with scholarships one way or another. In late 1999, I used to correspond with many universities around the world to gain admission, and then I got a scholarship to get the masters and the doctorate at the University of Texas in Austin. When I came back to academic work, The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques’ Program of external scholarships had opened its doors and the Ministry of Higher Education started to send thousands of students to study abroad. I started the process of researching, following and monitoring then writing. When my book “Studying Abroad’ was published, it was well received by many people. In the meantime I wrote some articles related to scholarships issues. In 2008 I moved to work at the cultural attaché in Australia, holding administrative positions from director to assistant for education affairs until I was commissioned as cultural attaché in the middle of 2012.
Over these long years, I had the opportunity to be a witness of the importance of scholarships, as I understand it as a stranger trying to continue my studies and looking forward to the glory of my country, then a researcher for my topic the teaching supervisor seeking the comfort of students and meet their needs then a cultural attaché living the concerns of the students on scholarships and act as a link between them and their country.
With every year I have spent in this long journey my belief in the importance of scholarships becomes stronger as it is the best project of investment and I become more convinced of the importance of highlighting its leading role in serving and enlightening the society. Next to this scholarships project in our educational renaissance stands the project of developing higher education which enriched and adorned our universities as it became obvious to every observer that it is behind the development of the academic movements and the expansion of education.
At this point the book “The Upcoming Oil” is a witness of the past years of scholarships and a an emitter of good omen for the promising years to come, reading its story through the experience of others while considering its uniqueness and calls for sublimity and empowerment of our auspicious country.
The book is written in nine chapters talking about the importance of investment in education through scholarships and its global implications and the experiences of successful countries in this regard, then talking about the Saudi experience in its old history to its present leap, the book was concluded by moving from the singular to the plural and from the flower to the orchard in talking about the development of higher education in general the present activities at the level of building universities and increasing their enrolments and its active participation in the society and the talk about its faculties and the activities of its laboratories and scientific centers.
Praise be to Allah firstly and foremost for his assistance and his blessing. He is worthy the praise and gratitude. No good deeds can be carried without his will. He is the only one giving blessing. I would like to thank the man and minister of higher education, the one who is supervising the running and management of higher education His Excellency Dr. Khaled Mohammed Al-Ankary and his administration and staff. My extended thanks to everyone contributed to having me continue with this project or writing these pages, hoping that it will be a message of nostalgia to my country which lived far away from it and still longing for it and a testimony of loyalty for every good thing still give us happiness and cheerfulness around the world.
It’s my pleasure to put this book in the hands of the reader, hoping that it will be useful and beneficial and to contribute to promote community awareness of the importance of scholarships as well as monitor and document the efforts made through analytical study to deduce the evidence from statistics and looking at leading international experiences.
Abdulaziz A BinTaleb