Attended and delivered a lecture at the Conference on Topology and its Applications in USA

  32nd Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, June 27-30, 2017, Dayton, OHio, USA

Quantale-valued gauge groups and approach convergence transformation groups
TMG Ahsanullah
Department of Mathematics, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
E. Colebunders, et al., introduced a category C [3], consisting of objects all triple (X, S, δ), where X ∈ | CAP|, an object in the category of Lowen-approach spaces [8], S ∈ |CAG|, an object in the category of approach groups [9], and δ: X×S→ X, a contraction mapping. Actually, in [3], the authors brought to light a concept of approach convergence transformation monoids without explicit mention. On the other hand, following the idea of probabilistic convergence group [1] (see also [5]), we introduced a category of probabilistic convergence transformation groups, PCONVTG [2]. Our motive here is to demonstrate the link between these two categories. In so doing and, failing to provide a direct link between these two, apparently different approaches, we consider a value quantale V in the line of [6, 7] (see also [4], with opposite order), and propose a notion of quantale-valued gauge group (en route to a category V-CONVTG) - a notion closely related to quantale-valued metric group vis-à-vis quantale-valued convergence group. The advantage that we have using V-CONVTG is, it provides a global framework, where C, like many others existing categories of similar nature, serve examples whenever appropriate quantales are considered.
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