Attended and Delivered a talk at the 33rd Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, Western Kentucky University, USA from July 17-20, 2018
Some Categorical aspects of probabilistic convergence transformation groups
In [3], we introduced a notion of probabilistic convergence transformation group with the help of the notion of probabilistic convergence group [2], generalizing topological transformation groups as well as Park's convergence transformation groups [5], and obtained various natural examples. Since PCONV, the category of probabilistic convergence spaces [4], and PUCS, the category of probabilistic uniform convergence spaces [1] are Cartesian closed, each of these possesses nice function space structure. In this talk, as a continuation of our investigations into the category PCONVTGRP of probabilistic convergence transformation groups, we look at the actions of probabilistic convergence groups on the function spaces: C_c(S, T) and C_u(Y, T); where S is a probabilistic convergence space, T is a probabilistic convergence group, and Y is a probabilistic uniform space [1], given the fact that every probabilistic convergence group and probabilistic uniform space give rise to probabilistic uniform convergence space. Furthermore, we present among other results, a construction of a monad [6] in the category PCONVGRP×PCONV such that the corresponding category of algebras is isomorphic to the category PCONVTGRP, where PCONVGRP stands for the category of probabilistic convergence groups [2].

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