Quantale-valued generalizations of approach convergence groups

Journal Article
Jaeger, T.M.G. Ahsanullah and Gunther . 2019
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Original Reserach
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New Math and Natural Computation
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The motive behind this article is to generalize the concept of approach groups. In so doing, we introduce various categories, specifically, the categories of quantale-valued convergence groups, quantale-valued approach groups, quantale-valued gauge groups and quantale-valued approach system groups, and study their functorial relationships including the fact that theĀ  category of quantale-valued gauge groups as well as the category of quantale-valued approach system groups is topological over the category of groups. Besides obtaining a variety of categorical connections, we note that if the quantale is linearly ordered satisfying certain conditions, then the categories of quantale-valued approach system groups and quantale-valued gauge groups are isomorphic. Finally, we look into the embeddings of the category of quantale-valued metric groups into the categories of quantale-valued generalizations of approach groups including commutativity of some diagrams.