Notes on the Methodology of Studying the History of the Dhimmis

Book Chapter
Al-Saud, Torki Fahad . 2019
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Cham, Switzerland
أهل الذمة , المنهج التاريخي
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Palgrave Macmillan
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Convivencia and Medieval Spain: Essays in Honor of Thomas F. Glick
131- 143
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The objective of this chapter is to point out some considerations that I hope will lead to more accurate results in studying dhimmis. The chapter begins by defining the word dhimma and pinpoints where difficulty arises in trying to place all dhimmis through Islamic history into one category. Then it lists the methodological points; first, the disregarding of the Madhabsunder which a particular incident accrued; second, the importance of differentiating between dhimmis and ahlu al-’ahd; third, paying attention to the cultural differences in the Islamic World; fourth, treating an entire community as a single economic entity; fifth, disregarding of the parallel Islamic society of the period and region under study; and sixth, the differentiation between religion and religion driven by politics.