Chapter 3: Housing Challenges for Urban Poor: Kampungs in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Alzamil, Waleed . 2020
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Hauppauge, New York, United States
housing, urban, poor, Kampungs, challenges, Jakarta, Indonesia
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Advances in Sociology Research. Volume 32
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This chapter focus on the challenges of housing the urban poor in Jakarta as one of the largest capitals in developing countries. The chapter discusses urbanization and population growth issues in Jakarta as a city that has undergone economic transformations during the past decades. Slums, or locally known as ‘Kampung’ emerged as a result of the failure of government housing policies to meet the demand of the urban poor. The acquisition of housing units exceeded the economic capacity of the family. Moreover, local housing policies have not provided any housing alternatives that are able to meet the increasing demand. Kampungs are human settlements constructed with the self-efforts of residents to overcome the challenges of access to housing for the urban poor. Descriptive analysis focused on the method of investigation, observation and field visit of the four kampung in North Jakarta. Moreover, local and survey data were compared with reports of international organizations such as UN-Habitat or the World Bank to describe kampung characteristics in Jakarta. (30) interviews were conducted with families residing in kampung to identify the most prominent challenges in living in these environments. In conclusion, the chapter presents policy proposals to address the challenges of housing the urban poor and upgrading the kampung urban environment based on local sources and self-efforts.

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