Systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, inverse of a matrix, Cramer's rule.Vectors in two and three dimensions, scalar and vector products, equations of lines and planes in space, surfaces, cylindrical and spherical coordinates. Vector valued functions, their limits, continuity, derivatives and integrals. Motion of a particle in space, tangential and normal components of acceleration. Functions in two or three variables, their limits, continuity, partial derivatives, differentials, chain rule, directional derivatives, tangent planes and normal lines to surfaces. Extrema of functions of several variables, Lagrange multipliers.
Textbook(s)/ Additional Material
1. Linear Algebra by H. Anton ( any book on Linear Algebra from Library 512. 5   )
2. Calculus by Swokowski, Olinick and Pence, 6th Ed, PWS publishing Co. ( any book on Calculus from Library 515.1 5 ) 
Additional Material:
Lecture Notes on
Linear Algebra, Vector and Several Variables Calculus
by Khawaja Zafar Elahi  


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