CI 596 Materials Analysis and Design for TESOL

Materials Analysis and Design for TESOL 


Module Outline

The module begins with discussion of how different views of language and language learning principles underpin the materials teachers use. Evaluation schemes which enable teachers to make decisions about the materials they use are introduced and the processes of using them and criteria for assessing their effectiveness are discussed. The module places emphasis on the fact that both evaluation schemes and materials can be designed for both wider and more local contexts. Students are given the opportunity to design instruments for their own local contexts. The module moves on to discuss principles to guide teachers in the adaptation of published materials and the design of their own materials, with particular focus on the grading and sequencing of tasks. Notions of ‘authenticity’, ‘difficulty’ and what makes a good task/activity are discussed. Throughout the module, students have the opportunity to carry out practical evaluation, adaptation and design activities, presenting and discussing their work with the rest of the group.  


Module Objectives 


After having studied the module students should be able to: 


  • discuss the underlying principles, goals and objectives in materials design 
  • and relate them to their own working context;
  • identify a variety of materials evaluation procedures and begin to develop the professional skills needed in order to use them;
  • describe and analyse the materials design process and how it is applied in their own context;
  • make principled decisions regarding the design and adaptation of materials for their own learners.



Form of teaching and learning: 


  • Lecture, video-based observation, practical evaluation and design tasks,  demonstration, discussion, student presentations.



Form of assessment: 

2,500-3,000 word assignment 

The assignment will be a ‘take-home’ exam in which you discuss aspects of materials evaluation and design in your context, and provide examples of how you might evaluate and adapt materials. You will be given a choice of several titles, and they will be given out at the beginning of the module. 

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