CI 589 Computer Assisted Language learning

Brief Course Description

Course Title: CALL – Computer Assisted Language learning
Course No.: CI 589
Prerequisite Course: None
Language of Instruction: English
Course Level: Masters
Credit hours: 3/week

Course Description

This course is intended to give participants a broad general view of computer-assisted language teaching and learning. It will involve participants in exploring a working theory of language learning, using and discussing existing and potential applications of computer technology in the language classroom, and carry out projects in which they try to apply knowledge gained through reading, discussion, and hands-on experience.

Course Aims

To become familiar with a range of computer applications for language learning and teaching;
To be able to consider computer applications as an integral part of language learning with their specific limitations and potential
To be aware of the importance of adopting a critical stance when considering CALL research. 

Learning Outcomes

After course completion student will be able to:
Produce original web-based multimedia materials that real learners can use;
Create their own Blogs as TESOL professionals;
Adapt web-based tests and learning materials developed by others;
Evaluate web-based materials for effectiveness and incorporation of learning principles;
Discuss current issues in computer-assisted language learning – on both pedagogical and technical levels 

Main textbook and supporting references:

How to teach English with Technology .Gavin Dudeney & Nicky Hockly, Longma, 200
Network-based language teaching concepts and practices,  Warschauer,M & Kern, R., Cambridge University Press. 2000
CALL Essentials: Principles and Practice in CALL Classrooms, Egbert, J.  TESOL,2005

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