English Language Teaching in Saudi Arabia: An Introduction

Alshumaimeri, Yousif A. . 2019
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كتاب مؤلف
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, History of EnglishHistory of English, TESOL, English Language Teaching, Teaching Methods, TEFL
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King Saud University
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Many English language teaching books are published every year as the language spreads more and is taught in public education systems in almost every education curriculum around the world. However, still more books are needed to take care of the special needs of EFL students throughout the world who came from various cultures, backgrounds, and first languages. This book tries to fill in the gap in situating the topics discussed for the Saudi context. Among other topics, the book includes:

  • the nature of the English language,
  • a brief description of the English language in Saudi Arabia,
  • a brief history of the English language, and a comparison between Arabic and English,
  • a detailed description of several teaching methods and approaches.